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Sustain SEO Ranking And Remain At The Top

Sustain SEO Ranking And Remain At The Top

Reaching the top is one cumbersome activity. There are numerous ways by which you can build traffic to your website. Some of the examples are content distribution, building backlinks, guest posting, social media marketing and many more. But what is next? Once you have reached the top, how can you maintain this top position? This is one area which is rarely discussed and least explored in online marketing blogs.



Google favours established pages and authoritative websites in its results. But what if the website is redesigned? The question is will you still remain at the top spot for your target term forever? The answer is no. The traffic on search engine is quite stable. Google won’t bring your rankings down until and unless you do something fishy with your website. Since SEO is an ongoing process, if your information is outdated, your rankings might drop. You need to take extra care of those web pages in order to be at remain at a high position.

Here are some tricks and tactics that you can consider in order to be the top notch website forever even after an upgrade:

Launching a revamped website

This is the most common mistake because of which many website’s rankings stumble. Not setting up redirects properly when rebuilding the website can cause a downfall and you can lose your visitors drastically. Here are some reasons which can lead to such drastic mishap during website redesign.

1. Not caring about on-page SEO:

During a relaunch, you should give special attention when optimizing your website’s content. Look for the opportunities that can help you grow your traffic.

  • One of the strategies is to use Google’s suggested long tail keyword recommendations for the head keywords you are already ranking well for. By integrating these keywords in your published posts, you can increase visitors to your website.
2. Map out your 301 redirection plan, in case you are messing up with the URL structure:

This is the most important point you need to consider in case you are re-launching your website. Changing the URL structure can cause you lose a lot of traffic from inbound links to your individual pages. Therefore, it is important to ensure that all of your older pages 301 redirect to their newer counterparts. This will help you maintain the traffic on your website. The best way of tackling this issue is to keep your URL structure the same to a great extent.

3. A user-friendly 404 page:

To deal with error spikes, you need to create a user-friendly 404 page. After launching the updated site, there may be 404 error. Just noting and fixing the pages won’t solve the purpose. You will need to optimize error 404 page in order to ensure the visitors remain at your website. You can do this by either linking internal pages from the error 404 page or by placing a contact form on your error 404 page so that it is easy for the visitors to your page.

4. Serve the updated address of your content to search engines by resubmitting your XML sitemap:

To ensure Google bots index the new URL locations of your content, you need to take care of few things. Firstly, check your robots.txt file and make sure that you are allowing search engines to crawl your website. Take steps to ensure your whole website is getting indexed.

Secondly, you need to set a proper location of your sitemap. For submitting your sitemap by navigating to: Webmaster Tools > Crawl > Sitemaps. You can also use multiple XML sitemaps to further enhance indexing of your web pages.

Track what your competitors’ marketing activities on regular basis and do even more efforts

Competition nowadays is extremely high. You might not have an idea where your competitors are standing and what they are doing to leave you behind. Here is what you can do… Keep a record of the content published by your competitors, the links they attract and the efforts they do on social media platforms. If you are aware of the competition around you, you can maintain your search rankings. Here is the list of 4 tools that you can use to outdo the efforts of your competitors.

  1. Ahrefs:

When we talk about rankings, backlinks are still important. This tool is perfect to explore new referring domains that are associated with your competitors. After you open, put your website URL in the site explorer and click on the ‘Search Link’. The result will show you a graph of the backlinks and referring domains.For finding the new links, you can use the navigation menu and get to know the Inbound links. You will see a list of links to the domain and then can measure the backlink’s authority like URL rating and domain rating. These scores should increase with time in case you need to build quality backlinks.


The traffic from head keywords is likely to be lower as compared to that from long tail keywords. But, for the quality check of your Search Engine Optimization strategy, the higher search volume keywords are important. This helps in judging the following aspects:

  • You can keep a track of your first page ranking web pages since SERPFOX is an excellent keyword rank tracking tool.
  • You can visualise your ranking changes over time.
  • You can also set rules to get notification of keyword ranking changes.
  • This tool can also be used to track mobile and tablet keyword rankings.
  1. Buzzbundle:

This tool is a time-saving tool that helps you to find your target audience and engage in conversations relating to specific keywords. Content promotion one of the building blocks of SEO strategy. With this tool, you can find people on a number of channels who are interested in your content type. For that, you need to install the tool and click on ‘Create New Project’ > ‘Create New Stream’. After that, you need to enter keywords and URLs to track. Once it loads and shows the results, you will see a list of streams from blogs, Q&A websites, social medias and many more with content that incorporate the keywords you entered. You can drop your content’s link or engage in a conversation.

  1. Simply Measured:

With this comprehensive social media analytics tool, you can find influencers on social media platforms that can drive traffic to your website. You can get charts and reports to find audience growth on social platforms or to find how you are doing on socially in a particular time period. As the name suggests, you can include competitors to compare your performance. With the help of this tool, you can see your competition on social media via metrics like follower change with time, engagement and average response rate.

Work on your content marketing strategy to ensure you have good social media presence

You can remain socially present by consistently publishing high-quality content on your website. There are 3 benefits of providing good equality content to your audience:

  • You will provide value to your visitors and they will remember you.
  • If you publish 16+ posts in a month, the traffic on your website will be 3.5 times more and the leads generated will be 4.5 times more as compared to other websites that publish under 4 posts in a month.
  • Internal linking can also help you to remain at the top. By internally linking to relevant old articles on your blog, you can rank better without the need for building links.

If you stop publishing, you can face a drop in the traffic. So here are 3 strategies you can adapt in order to maintain your content marketing performance:

1. Experimentation:

Consistently examine and experiment with various kinds of content on your blog. With the same kind of content style, you and your audience will get bored. Go for experiments with the infographics, content, forms and types of content, videos and podcasts.

2. Guest posting:

With the help of guest blogging, you can grow your email list, social media audience and referral traffic. Guest posting is an extraordinarily powerful content marketing tool that gives your brand a great amount of exposure. If you have written amazingly as a guest blogger, then you can also get new social media followers.

3. Social media authority:

It is important to build your social media authority. Social signals and search rankings do have a loose correlation if not a strong one. With the help of social shares on your post, you can earn more traffic. Offering a good user experience can help your website see a good average time spent on page and relatively a lower bounce rate. There are two tools which can help you in sharing relevant and engaging content. One is BuzzSumo, that helps you in finding popular content and the other is Buffer for scheduling the regular social media updates.

The importance of User-Friendly experience

If you don’t provide good user experience, why would they even come back to you? Even Google is pro user stance. Here are 5 ways by which you can ensure good user experience:

  1. Make sure your website loads really, really fast.
  2. Responsive Design is important. Optimize your website for mobile users also.
  3. Work on your meta tags and increase your click through rates.
  4. Update and improve your web page. By updating the content on your web pages, you can gain users and avoid bounce rate.
  5. Internal linking audit is important. Relevant internal linking can help you increase the overall SEO of your website.


We are surrounded by cut-throat competition and with constantly changing Google updates, it is even more difficult to be ahead of all your competitors. However, with the above-mentioned strategies and tactics, you can have an edge over others. To learn about these sustaining strategies, SEO certification is a must.

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