T- Mobile’s Digital Marketing Strategy

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T-Mobile USA is a national provider of wireless voice, messaging, and data services capable of reaching over 293 million Americans where they live, work, and play.

T- Mobile’s Business Objectives:

T-Mobile wanted to improve conversion optimization using digital marketing by bringing in customers from other competitors. To achieve this understanding carrier data, a vital piece of information in T-Mobile’s personalization efforts. However, they lacked the digital automation tools to quickly integrate this concept into its targeting efforts.  Ryan Pizzuto, Manager of Web Testing & Optimization at T-Mobile says that “The real challenge is communicating this new level of service to customers because they’ve never seen it or considered the advantages, especially because other major carriers do business very differently, locking them into two-year contracts and not offering the same flexibility.”  As a result, T-Mobile needed to get reliable customer data quickly to develop an understanding of who its audience is and how customers interact with digital properties across segments.


Here was the four step approach that Ryan Pizzuto, T-Mobile’s testing and optimization manager, and his team used to target competitors’ customers and achieve better conversion optimization.

1. Identify customers from competing wireless carriers interested in what you have to offer

Using Adobe Analytics, marketers and analysts can identify details about a customer’s behavior, preferences, location, device use,etc.  Based on the device used by the user, Adobe Analytics allowed T-Mobile to track users who visited their website from devices powered by competing wireless carriers.

The profiles and audiences core service in Adobe Marketing Cloud lets marketers consolidate authenticated and anonymous data and use it in both Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target create comprehensive profiles of each customer.

2. Share this segment of leads with the marketing team for suitable offers

Once site visitors from competing wireless carriers were identified, the audience was shared using the Adobe Marketing Cloud tool using two clicks. Now T-Mobile’s marketing teams, including the Adobe Target marketers knew which users to target by optimizing their Web experience. Personalized digital experiences are then delivered through Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). Responsive design in AEM sites meets the company’s growing demand for mobile accessibility and the assets capability in AEM provides a centralized repository for corporate assets that can be used on the T-Mobile and My T-Mobile portals. The new websites delivered with AEM have reduced page load times by about 80 percent, leading to increased page views and adoption.

3. Test offers with this audience one carrier at a time

 T-Mobile was able to test specific messages to competing vendors’ customers, with offers like “Stop waiting. Switch to T-Mobile today and we’ll pay your early termination fee from AT&T.


4. Be a personalization rock star

With targeted offers, T-Mobile was able to personalize the experience for users coming in to their website. There was a measurable effect on “cart starts” when messages were personalized by mobile carrier, compared to generic messages. T-Mobile first tested a generic message encouraging customers to switch to T-Mobile; this resulted in a 9% lift in cart starts. When T-Mobile personalized the message based on carrier, there was a 34% lift in cart start rates within the first month.


Using Adobe Marketing Cloud core services, T-Mobile could now integrate very specific information from Adobe Analytics (in this example, mobile carrier data) into Adobe Target to personalize an individual customer experience more quickly and precisely. This helped them get a 34% lift in conversion in the first month alone. “When we started, about 70 percent of our traffic came from desktops,” says Vinay Kshirsagar, Chief Architect at T-Mobile. “Our new mobile-friendly designs are encouraging more mobile engagement, with about 65 percent of our web traffic today coming from mobile devices.”

In one year, T-Mobile transformed customer experiences to jump from last to first place among full-service mobile carriers in JD Power & Associates’ Wireless Customer Care Performance rankings. Moving ahead, T-Mobile plans to adopt additional Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions that will add interactive images and video to the carrier’s web and mobile channels.

The disciplined approach to analyzing, testing, and optimizing customer experiences has also extended to its mobile property. By first segmenting anonymous customer profiles, and then testing new banner experiences and delivering targeted banner ads to each audience, the team increased conversion from 9% to as high as 34%.


Marketers today depend heavily on data driven techniques to close on prospects. Data from offline and online sources is collected, modified, and expanded continuously. Each solution contains information that could be valuable elsewhere. Connecting that data to create high-impact customer experiences is the goal for a pragmatic marketer.This is just one example of how digital analytics and marketing tools can be used effectively to enhance core services and to accelerate T-Mobile’s customer acquisition.T-Mobile’s customer marketing data management and conversation optimization strategy by using commercial tools helped it lift conversion and sales.

Most importantly, T-Mobile has transformed its customer experiences. In just one year, the company went from last to first in JD Power & Associates’ Wireless Customer Care Performance rankings for full-service mobile carriers. With customer satisfaction at an all-time high, the company is on target to drive growth as a customer-friendly un-carrier.


 Photo Credit: Digitalvidya.com, Adobe.com, T-mobile.com, Queryz.com

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