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10 AdWords Features You Might Be Missing Out

     -     Aug 31st, 2017   -     Guest Posts, Search Engine Marketing (SEM)   -     0 Comments   -    ,

As digital marketers, AdWords always surprises us with its hidden and new features. Every day, we come across something new which keeps us wondering where these were hiding till now. No wonder, Google has created this platform with ocean of opportunities for marketers to optimize their campaigns and generate better business. This post unfolds some […]

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5 Tips To Know Your Keyword For Effective Adwords Campaign

     -     Feb 10th, 2017   -     Search Engine Marketing (SEM)   -     0 Comments   -    , , ,

An AdWords campaign is usually composed of several ad groups. Each ad group serves different words or tex based on the type of keyword a user may type into search engine. When launching a new campaign on adwords, there are many things that keep running at the backend of our mind as a new user. […]

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5 Things About Search Network That Will Help You Plan Your Campaigns Better

The first question you are asked when setting up a campaign in Google AdWords is what ‘Type’ of campaign you want to choose. If you are new to AdWords, you probably either assumed that Search Network is for text ads, Display Network is for image ads, Shopping is for product listing ads, Video is for […]

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Learn Top 10 Fundamentals Of Adwords

What is Adwords? As per Google Partners Adwords Fundamentals: Exam Study guide – Adwords is Google’s online advertising platform that can help you drive interested people to your website. Adwords allows us to take advantage of the millions of searches conducted on Google each day.Here we can create ads for our business and choose when […]

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