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Use New Google Keyword Tool For Better Search Engine Marketing

While this tool is similar, the one main difference is that you must log in to your Google AdWords account. If you don’t already have a Google AdWords account, signing up is a piece of cake. Simply log in with your current Google account (ie., what you use for Gmail, YouTube, Analytics, Webmaster Tools, etc.) […]

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The Ultimate Guide For Paid Advertising

In the digital marketing field, everyone should have heard a term called paid advertising, if not you are doing a big sin. Never worry, here is the ultimate guide for paid advertising, a.k.a God’s document of paid advertising. In this article you will learn all terms that are associated with paid advertising like PPC, CPM, […]

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Resource Design Got Over 2000 Visits Per Day Through Google AdWords

 About Resource Design Resource Design provides services that range from communication consultancy, writing, production, book designing, graphic designing, to editing and it also manages the Google AdWords accounts for its clients. Based in Bangalore, India, this twenty-eight years old company was formed by H. Jayadeva. The expert team at Resource Design offers personalized attention, customized solution […]

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Follow These 3 Simple Tips And Create Right Ads For A Profitable Search Engine Marketing Campaign

Are people not clicking your ads at all? Does Google not find your ads relevant and has been giving you a hard time with your quality score? Are you paying more because your ad is inviting irrelevant clicks from the searchers who are not interested in your products? The fact that you are here on […]

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