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Adventure Island Amusement Park Used Facebook To Get 28K Check-Ins In 8 Months

About Adventure Island Among the various amusement parks in India, Adventure Island is a famous one located at Rohini, in the city of Delhi. It was launched in the year 2006. It is very famous among the youth for its rides and location. At this park, a large number of famous songs in Bollywood Movies […]

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Adventure Island Leveraged Social Media Marketing To Achieve 5x Rise In Page Likes Without Paid Ad Campaign

About Adventure Island The two words term ‘Adventure Island’ takes us to different landing pages, when we search it in Google. The terms are easily identified with a 1947 Paramount film, an Australian children’s TV series, a very popular 1986 video game, an amusement park in UK and a water park in US. However, the […]

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