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5 Reasons Why Business Analytics Is Important In Digital Age

Business Analysis is a technique where the business will take every single available information. Be it regarding the market or their potential customers to come up with a marketing plan. Business Analysis is the pin which holds the business together. Without it, you are running your business on intuition, which could be pointless. It will also […]

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Top 5 Tips On How To Do Smarter Web Data Analytics

Analyzing the complete data of a website from the perspective of understanding optimizing the complete web usage. Web analytics is one of the most important tools that is used in market research. This tool helps a company to measure the results of several marketing campaigns lead by them. Web analytics contains the complete information about the […]

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Top 4 Relevant Rules Of Web Analytics That Revolutionize It

Every small and simple thing that comes into existence goes under revolution. Enhancement is very obvious process whether it is for micro-organism like amoeba or human being or technology. Then why analytics will remain behind the bars. It have to come up with revolutionary changes that will give more focused result that can give a […]

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Webinar Recording: Data Driven Digital Marketing

Data-driven digital marketing requires marketers and their teams, to be able to collect, integrate, and analyze data from external and internal sources – competitive intelligence reports, global market research, on-site and off-site customer activities, social interactions, and more. Understand about Data Driven Digital Marketing through below mentioned Webinar by Manish Vij (Founder, Smile Vun Group) and […]

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