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Ask Me Anything Chat For Career In Digital Marketing On Ask Digital Vidya

India’s internet population is the second largest in the world. There is a pool of opportunities as the Internet industry is expanding at a rate of more than 20% Year-Over-Year. Therefore, one who is curious and is ready to explore the field of digital marketing is on the advantageous end. As digital marketing is becoming […]

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Ask Me Anything Chat For SEO Tips On Ask Digital Vidya

Did you know the internet population in India is the second largest in the world already? Well, the Internet Industry is expanding at a rate of over 20% Year Over Year which is giving us immense opportunity! Therefore, at this stage, it is probably common for us to get curious and explore this huge field of […]

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Interview with Prateek Mehta – Lead Web Analytics Trainer at Digital Vidya

Prateek Mehta completed his under graduation from University of Houston, Texas. After this, he started working as a business consultant in a business and management consulting firm in the US. After 2.5 years of experience there, Prateek moved back to India, and here he has worked for companies like Adobe, Jabong and goIbibo. He has […]

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First Ask Me Anything Chat On Ask Digital Vidya

‘I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious’… These lines by Albert Einstein suggests how curiosity can open new doors to learning. Without curiosity and questioning, no human soul can be satisfied. To satisfy this hunger Digital Vidya launched ‘Ask Digital Vidya’, an online digital marketing helpline. Before the launch of Ask Digital Vidya, here […]

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Ask Digital Vidya – Your Digital Marketing Helpline

Digital Vidya, one of Asia’s leading digital marketing education firms announces the launch of Ask Digital Vidya, an online Digital Marketing Helpline platform. Digital Marketing is one of the most dynamic industries with almost daily changes happening across various digital media platforms such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Mobile App Stores. Moreover, it’s a vast […]

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