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Page Views, Time On Site & Bounce Rate Reveal Changes In Quality Score & Revenue

     -     Mar 14th, 2016   -     Web Analytics   -     0 Comments   -    , , , ,

 About Quality Score Quality Score in Google AdWords is an indicator of the quality of your ad campaigns, ie. the quality of your advertisements, keywords and landing pages. The Quality score can be accessed by the following path: Google AdWords—–> Campaigns—–> All campaigns——> Keywords In the Keywords table, the Quality Score and its elements( Expected Clickthrough […]

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6 Benefits Of Web Analytics For Business Growth

What is Web Analytics? Google definition: “Web Analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of web data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage.” It is useful for any business with digital presence to analyze and measure the behavior of the visitors that come to their website. Website analytics measures things like where number of visitors, source of visit, […]

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3 Web Analytics Tips To Use The Google Analytics Better

     -     Jul 29th, 2014   -     Web Analytics   -     1 Comment   -    , , , , , ,

In this post, one will learn about Web Analytics and actionable points that can be taken immediately. You have to take a deep trip to your websites traffic, down falls, peak movements in short all of its history. So let’s go through 3 things on a cover and understand their meaning: 1. Page Per Visits […]

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Ryanair Used Web Analytics Optimally To Increase Its CTR By 200%

 About Ryanair:  In a low cost, no frill and more revolutionized B2C (Business to Customer) aircraft  model industry, Ryanair is one of the Europe’s leading and largest aviation businesses.  Ryanair is very  much focused on and committed to bring its customers to on-time flights and lowest fares out of all its  competitors, so that customer get […]

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10 Myths of Search Engine Marketing

With the search engine evolving, there are changes in strategies. Some businesses stick to just one strategy for years and hence there is a change of getting mislead. Due to some misconceptions many businesses fail to realize the benefits of search engine marketing. Let’s go through the myths online businesses make in search engine marketing. […]

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