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How Webinar Marketing is a Key to Brand Building: User’s Manual

     -     Jul 25th, 2017   -     Social Media Marketing   -     2 Comments   -    , , ,

In this digital era, business is emerging with digital trends in marketing whether it is social, viral videos, blogs, Ad campaigns etc. , but webinars need to be kept on the forefront for online marketing strategies. Let’s discuss how Webinar Marketing is being conducted. Best thing of this tool is that it can be accessed […]

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Cogent Brand Building Strategies Using Social Media

The advent of social media in the late 90s opened up a new frontier in Marketing. Marketers climbed aboard the internet bandwagon, to explore the ‘new media’ terrain.  Initial apprehension would give away to delight, as consumers took to social media by the droves. Today, social media entails nearly 2.1 billion accounts, just over 2/3rds of […]

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Intel’s Successful Brand Building Strategy Using Adwords

     -     Apr 1st, 2016   -     Search Engine Marketing (SEM)   -     0 Comments   -    , , , ,

Intel is the world’s largest and highest valued chip makers, based on revenues. One look at their clients and you will realise that they sell to the who’s who of the computer system manufacturing world, like Dell, Apple or Samsung. Intel is the definitive leader in the computer chips market. Which is why one would […]

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12 Steps In Content Marketing, A Giant Leap In Brand Building

Brand building – going beyond just recognition Unless you are from a marketing background, like me you most probably have used the term Brand in your day to day conversations to describe a Product/Service. Calling any product/service a brand in casual conversations may seem ok, but for an entrepreneur starting a new company, it matters […]

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Webinar Recording Of Approach To Brand Building Through Digital

     -     Oct 10th, 2015   -     Digital Marketing, Webinars   -     0 Comments   -    , , ,

With the ever-increasing use of digital marketing media for not only marketing perspective but also for brand building, a lot of companies from different industrial domains are leveraging upon this medium. Being a dynamic nature of marketing, digital is that era that needs a lot of knowledge and expertise to work on, especially for the […]

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Red Bull Leveraged Social Media Marketing Tools For Brand Building

Red Bull, a very well known energy drink in the world, as per the market share reports, it has been considered as the highest selling energy drink in the world with 5.387 billion cans sold in 2013. Red Bull has an amazing inside story hidden behind it’s logo. Red Bull’s universe is extreme sports and adrenaline-junky […]

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5 Good Reasons To Make Twitter A Part Of Social Media Marketing Strategy

Twitter is one of the most popular social media channels used for all types of businesses. Twitter platform is different from other leading social media channels hence; it has got its own unique role to play in a business. Twitter is a micro blogging platform where users can send short messages up to 140 characters […]

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