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Case of the Week 4 (Digital Advertising | Aug 30 – Sep 5, 2010): Localized Advertising

Here is another Case of the Week to test your skills in using Digital Advertising You are a Digital Marketing Manager for a Localized Business with presence in Delhi & Mumbai. You have to promote a new product launched by your organization through Online Advertising. You have a limited budget and want to target the […]

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Case of the Week 3 (Social Media | Aug 24-30, 2010): Facebook Advertising

Lets open up a new shell of Social  Media Insights with our Case of the Week Series Case of the Week 3: Facebook Advertising You are the Community Manage for a large FMCG brand. Your Head of Marketing has given you the job of initiating FB Ads for your community on Facebook. You’ve a limited […]

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Case of the Week 2 (Digital Marketing | Aug 9-16, 2010): Online Advertising

Continuing with our Case of the Week Series, this week we are focusing on “Online Advertising”, an important aspect of Digital Marketing. Let’s crack this Case of the Week -2 You are the Head of Marketing of a small IT company. The company plans to diversify and is planning to launch an eLearning product. However, […]

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Case of the Week (Social Media | Aug 2-8, 2010): Facebook Community Building

We are pleased to present ‘Case of the Week’ initiative (launched on our community on Facebook) to help you acquire relevant and practical skills about various facets of Digital Marketing. Participating in ‘Case of the Week’ will be a great structure for you to continuously stimulate your thoughts and learning about Digital Marketing. We are […]

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