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8 Elements of Building Successful Community on Facebook

Facebook has been the hot bed of social media networking and has served several purposes for the marketers. One of these is building communities loyal to their brands. Some do it right & some don’t approach it rightly. Community building on Facebook involves some specific measures as discussed below: #1. Define the Objectives Trying to […]

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How To: Use Twitter & Facebook to Build Communities & Generate Business

Twitter & Facebook have at the centre stage as far as consumer internet is concerned. Tens of thousands of blog posts have been done all around the world citing the importance of these & various other social media tools which companies can leverage to connect to their customers directly. In this post we would like […]

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How to Build a Great Company Facebook Page (Wall Street Journal)

“Does your company have a Facebook page?” It’s a question that most firms, large and small, encounter today. While the question highlights how powerful Facebook has become as an online marketing strategy, it also signals a herd mentality: you must have it if your competitors do. In order to be truly successful in building a live and […]

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