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Top Mind-blowing Content Marketing Tools List

Content Marketing requires you to produce quality as well as the quantity of content consistently over a long period of time. The result is that you are able to build an audience for your business and generate the desired outcomes. There are a variety of Content Marketing Tools that you can use to produce quality […]

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Creativity,Content,CommonSense – 3C’s For Successful Digital Marketing

     -     Sep 28th, 2016   -     Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing   -     0 Comments   -    , , , ,

“We have technology,finally,that for the first time in human history allows people to really maintain rich connections with much larger numbers of people.” -Pierre Omidyar, Founder of EBAY, rightly describes Digital Marketing.  The use of Digital Marketing in the digital era not only involves marketing of products and services but also allows online customer support […]

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Your Guide To Writing The Best Google Ad Copies

     -     Sep 26th, 2016   -     Digital Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM)   -     0 Comments   -    , , ,

Everything in Digital Marketing movies pretty quickly. But for all the innovations and features that are new and the ones seen on a regular basis, there is one thing that remains very important and appealing regardless of all the changes in platforms, technology or tools, which is writing ad copies. Remember, that it doesn’t matter how […]

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How To Rule Content Marketing in 2016

     -     May 23rd, 2016   -     Content Marketing, Guest Posts   -     0 Comments   -    , ,

A Brief Introduction With the passage of every year, the SEO is experiencing updations. Year 2015 taught us new things and so is expected from 2016. Even we left many of the points in 2015. But during the whole 12 months tenure, one Digital marketing technique ruled the realm i.e. Content Marketing. In 2014, it […]

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4 Easy Steps To Get Conversions From New Blog

     -     May 12th, 2016   -     Content Marketing   -     0 Comments   -    , , , ,

Getting started with a blog is easy.. Well, super easy. How about converting more visitors into customers in an easy yet effective way? Not so easy. According to statistics, most people who start with blogs quit it within the first three months. Growing an audience that will trust your brand and read your content is […]

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Case Study On Practo’s Valentine Social Media Campaigns

About Practo “Health is not valued till sickness comes.” – Thomas Fuller Unfortunately, some of us realize this the hard way after sickness comes. And then what? You need to visit the doctor of course. Typically if we have some minor ailments we visit our “family doctor” somewhere nearby. But that may not always suffice. […]

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Learn How To Create Viral Videos from Aashish Chopra, Head of Content Marketing at ixigo

Aashish Chopra is an award winning viral video marketer, having made and marketed videos with millions of shares and gazillion views, with one becoming Asia’s most shared branded Facebook post (Campaign Asia) and other getting 40 million views in a week. Here’s an interview with him: What interested you in Viral Video Marketing? Aashish: The tag of […]

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What Makes Webinars Impractical and Why You Should Invest On It?

     -     Apr 20th, 2016   -     Digital Marketing, Guest Posts   -     0 Comments   -    , , , ,

A webinar is a seminar held virtually. It can be done using a variety of different software and tools. Through webinars, participants and presenters can then connect to the internet for various purposes like trainings, conferences or for any need of collaboration for certain projects. Sure, there are a number of advantages that can be […]

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5 Ways To Get Traffic From Google News

     -     Apr 19th, 2016   -     Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)   -     0 Comments   -    , , ,

Everyone loves the mega search engine, Google. Google has many features. One of them is Google News, a comprehensive up-to-date news coverage, gathered from sources all over the world by Google. Now you can get numerous clicks to your site from Google News. No, you don’t have to be a journalist for that matter. Don’t […]

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Webinar Recording Of Using Content To Fuel Your Sales Funnel

     -     Apr 8th, 2016   -     Content Marketing, Webinars   -     1 Comment   -    , , , ,

Ideally, it is the content that acts as the catalyst to analyze what works best in the interest of the consumers. If the information about the product/service offered by an organization answers the didactic questions: what, how, when, where and for whom, then things are going in the right direction. Thus, indicating that content is […]

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