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‘How To Improve Online Conversion Rates Through Website optimization ? 5 Tips & Techniques’

Improving the conversion rate is very crucial in any business. When 96% of the people who visit a site are not ready to buy, how can we increase the conversion? A small change in the look and feel of the website can create a large impact on the conversion rate, and dramatically improve sales. Let’s […]

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Top 6 Ways To Raise Form Field Conversion Rate By Upto 672%

Lets learn how to optimize your efforts to make an effective lead generation form, so that you can keep a tight hold the majority of visitors to your site. Just follow these 6 steps and you may observe a 672% rise. 1) Place the form above the fold Each & everything people do on a landing page is […]

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Top 5 Website Metrics Every Marketer Should Track

Let us discuss on the key five metrics that should be tracked for the better analysis of a website 1. Bounce Rate Bounce rate is the percentage of single page visit, ie the number of visits in which a person leaves the website from the landing page without browsing further. Bounce rate is one of […]

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Hamlet Homes Boosted 521% Conversion Rate Through SEO

About Hamlet Homes Hamlet company was established in 1994 as Hamlet development Corporation with a vision to provide quality home communities with in Northern Utah region of Utah state. Hamlet company was an assembly of four organizations involving together. They are Hamlet Homes, Diversified Habitats, Hamlet development and Stirling Mortgage. Initially all went fine but […]

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About Cashstore Cashstore is the pioneer in field of online shopping technology, which enables buyers to earn cashback with each purchase. The store started its online operations from 2004 and has grown by leaps and bounds to about 5,50,000 active users today. With its credible and smooth user experience, the site has earned unique reputation […]

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8 Web Analytics Tips To Work Perfectly With Google Analytics Tool For Your Website

Most of the people do not get insights into data after installing Google Analytics, since they always stick to basics of it like page views or number of visits or data reports and doesn’t try to look what is there beyond at it compared to their competitors. Though all the features can not be learnt […]

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TopTarif Leveraged Web/Google Analytics To Garner 130% Hike In Conversion Rates

     -     Aug 12th, 2014   -     Case Studies, Web Analytics   -     0 Comments   -    , , , ,

About TopTarif: TopTarif is a German based price comparison provider since 2007 with leading stand,  comes under the top 3 price comparison portals. Behind this achievement, Google Analytics and re-marketing  techniques played a crucial  role as it helped them to increase conversions. It’s an independent  comparison website helping consumers to save money quickly and easily in […]

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WBC Used Web Analytics To Gain 12.2% Increase In Conversion Rate

     -     Jul 28th, 2014   -     Case Studies, Web Analytics   -     1 Comment   -    , ,

   About WBC :- A Leading supplier of retail display and gift packaging for specialist food and drinks market across UK, London and Ireland , serving the nation since 1989. The company focused on designing  and manufacturing good quality packaging solutions . It helped the small and big retail brand to create an unique selling proposition that customer can […]

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About TUIfly A german based airline company which is part of TUI Travel PLC, London. The Hanover headquartered company is the third largest airline in Germany with a passenger traffic of 12.5 million a year. The website is seeing an increase in online bookings as a result of TUIfly’s  investment in optimization of digital […]

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Posadas Leveraged Web (Google) Analytics To Gain 88% Hike In Conversion Rates

     -     Jul 10th, 2014   -     Case Studies, Web Analytics   -     1 Comment   -    , ,

About Posadas The company is the biggest hotel chain in Mexico and the industry leader. Through it sheer hard work and intelligent business strategies, the company now has its presence in US, Brazil, Chile and Argentina with more than 100 properties under its name. Business Objectives Of Posadas As a growing business there were many […]

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