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5 SEM Tips To Generate Effective PPC Text Ads

Persuasive, well directed ads are very important for a successful high performance campaign. PPC ads are the first point of contact with your target customers and most often are the only ones that a customer sees about your company/website. When a customer searches for a specific product or service, he might be able to see […]

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ABBYY Used Inbound Marketing Tricks To Achieve 26% Growth In Website Visitors In An Year

  About ABBYY ABBYY is an innovative and award winning software company, based in USA. It was founded by David Yang in 1989. Over the years, it has specialized in development of semantics language models and earned the status of a popular brand due to its core skills in artificial intelligence technologies. It provides software […]

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8 Powerful Tips to Cut The Cost of PPC And Google AdWords Campaign

A penny saved is a penny earned. In the present era of intense and cut throat market competition, it is not just enough to generate big revenues, what matters equally is the cutting down on costs in order to generate sustainable profitability. PPC campaigns and Google AdWords are proving to be great drivers for a […]

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Increase Traffic To Your Website With The Best Use Of SEM

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is paid advertisement that appears horizontally on the top left-hand side corner and vertically in the right- hand side of the search engine page. In paid/ sponsored advertising, advertisers get immediate results. Search engine marketing is an important tool for online marketers because it allows them to connect directly with customers through […]

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