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Enhance Customer Experience Via Two-way Social Media Interactions

Ten years ago when there were no social media platforms, you didn’t have to worry much about customers sharing a negative experience because they would tell 5-15 people at the most , but that number was manageable. Cut to 2016, social media has revamped the customer experience game completely. Customers now have social media sites […]

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McDonald’s Leveraged Digital Marketing For Brand Visibility

About McDonald’s McDonald’s is one of  the world’s largest fast food restaurants, which serves around 68 million customers daily in 119 countries across 35,000 outlets.Richard and Maurice McDonald started company in 1940 in United States  as a barbecue restaurant concept, later in 1948 it was changed to a hamburger stand with the help of production […]

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3 Effective Tips For Writing Facebook Ads While Leveraging Facebook Marketing

It goes unsaid that Facebook is one of the largest accessed online social networking services and has now become an integral part of communication in today’s youth. As of September 2014, it sees approximately 864 million daily active users. Although, the audience is very large, Facebook can be used to target the right audience basis […]

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How to Nurture Your Online Reputation (Wall Street Journal)

Continuing on my previous article ‘Beware of the Unhappy, Web Savvy Customer’, in which I talked about the importance of managing your online reputation, I would like to leave you with few ways to manage and nurture your reputation in the digital world. I would like to start by again directing your attention to ‘listening’, […]

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