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Life as a Digital Marketer | What do Digital Marketers do?

Life as a Digital Marketer The role of a Digital Marketer is entrepreneurial that involves the ability to understand the behaviour of the target audience by applying digital marketing knowledge. Besides that, it also requires the proficiency to synthesize analytics and communicating effectively with clients. Let us have a look at what do renowned Digital Marketers […]

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Interview with Ganesh Gupta, Digital Marketing Head, ShopElect

Ganesh Gupta is a Digital Marketer, Food Blogger, Growth Hacker & Business Automation Expert. Not only this, he was also an UNESCO Young Ambassador for Vietnam in 2013, volunteering in environment & education sector. Ganesh is one of the few marketing professionals based in India trained in Infusionsoft, Marketo & Hubspot, equally. He showcases immense […]

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Interview with Shivankit Arora, Digital Marketer & Founder, Marketing Masala

A civil engineer from Thapar University, Shivankit Arora started his first company in the final year. Once graduated, he pursued his interest in entrepreneurship with a digital startup in the year 2013. Meanwhile, Shivankit continued exploring the world of social media and other domains within Digital Marketing. Every time he learnt something new, he was […]

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Interview with Deepesh Sharma, Digital Marketing Manager, Digital Vidya

Deepesh Sharma started his career as an entrepreneur, that was his origin as a Digital Marketer. Having keen interest in creativity he started his company in the 3rd year of his engineering named Deepesh used to take a lot of projects on Video Creation, Video Editing, Video Marketing etc. majorly for the US market. Given […]

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5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Choosing Digital Marketing As Your Career Option

If you are planning to create a career in digital marketing, you may have had this question come across in your mind frequently: is digital marketing the right career choice for you? May be you should learn something else, like programming or corporate finance. Is digital marketing right for you? How can you find that […]

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