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An Insider’s Guide to Digital Marketing Analytics

Digital Marketing Analytics Digital Marketing analytics is a vast ocean with various parameters to be looked at, analysed, and understood. In order to make sense of the multitude parameters and information gleaned from various analytics platforms and tools, it is important to get a hang of what is what. One of the first points you […]

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Why Analytics Is Critical For Marketing Success

There was a time, not so long ago, when marketers assumed a ‘spray and pray’ approach to marketing.  They sprayed the marketing budget over the spectrum of media elements – television, print, radio, outdoor etc. – and prayed that their efforts would pay off.   And when it didn’t, they sprayed some more and hoped for […]

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Webinar: Turning Analytics Into Action To Win Over Competition

A webinar on leveraging Digital Marketing Analytics led by Vyshak Venugopalan, Sr. Solutions Consultant – Digital Marketing, Adobe Systems. Interested in similar Webinars? Join our upcoming Webinar on ‘How to covert more customers through Email Marketing‘ on Feb 19th by Punit Modhgil, Managing Director of

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