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Interview with Ashish Jain, Godrej and Boyce, Head – Ecommerce and Digital

Ashish Jain is a leading Digital and E-commerce initiative of Godrej and Boyce. Godrej and Boyce has 14 diverse business divisions including Godrej interio, appliances, security solutions and locks. His role is to act as a catalyst in digital transformation and build best practices in the field of Digital Marketing, Analytics and E-commerce.  In past, Ashish […]

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11 Social Media Marketing Ideas Used By ‘Baahubali’ Movie Franchise

★ About : ‘Baahubali’ (English meaning: The One with Strong Arms) is an Indian epic-historical fiction film filled with oodles of drama, action and visual art. The franchise had two cinematic parts namely ‘Baahubali: The Beginning’ as the first part which opened worldwide on 10th July 2015. The second installment in this series, ‘Baahubali 2: […]

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Digital Marketing_Salary

Digital Marketing Salary Growth Prospects

As the budding talent in the industry is growing rapidly the Digital Marketing salary prospects are also growing. By multiplicity in the skills and regularity in up gradation of technology in the arena of Digital Marketing is not going to shrink anytime sooner. In fact, the industry is enormously swelling in various aspects giving employees […]

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7 Interesting Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Google’s Algorithm

It’s not again and again that you see the word “fun” and “algorithm” in the same sentence. (Okay, fine. Maybe you do, if you’re a marketing dull person like I am.) But think about this: Google has really been around for over twenty year. With a history like that, there’s got to be at least some […]

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3 Best Digital Marketing Strategies For International Schools

3 Best Marketing Strategies For International Schools: 1.) SEO 2.) Blogs 3.) Facebook Ads Until recent schools never seriously planned a marketing strategy neither did they have a huge marketing budget nor did they employ a full time marketing professional. Competition is now increasing in this sector just like any other industry. All schools have […]

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Celebrating Digital Vidya’s 7 Years of Spreading Digital Marketing Education

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try… Back in 2000, two fresh IIT graduates, Pradeep Chopra and Kapil Nakra, made a decision to try and implant the seed of internet marketing in India. Little did they know, the digital movement they started will not only have an impact in India but across 30 countries […]

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Indian Railways on the track of becoming Digital Savvy

With the modernization and implementation of Digital Marketing in Indian Railways, there have been some major evolution in Indian Railways, not only from E- Ticketing Perspective but also traveling experience and revenue generation model. Gone are those days where traveling plans used to include one additional day for going to the Railway Stations for booking […]

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An Interview with Sangram Tawade, a Business Development Professional who Built Career in Digital Marketing

Sangram Tawade is a sales and marketing professional with over 6 years of experience in B2B and B2C sales. His primary experience is in business development but he has taken on numerous marketing promotions and research assignments with the companies he has worked with as well. In July this year, Sangram landed a job with a […]

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6 Ways To Generate Leads From Snapchat

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Introduction: Snapchat could be a mobile app that enables users to send and receive “self-destructing” photos and videos. Photos and videos dotty the app are known as snaps. Snapchat uses the device’s camera to capture snaps and Wi-Fi technology to send them. The app permits the sender to draw or insert text on the snap […]

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Digital Vidya Speaks at IIT Roorkee on the Role of Digital Marketing Today

Digital Marketing industry is booming with a growth rate of 40% while other industries are struggling even to achieve 8-10% year-over-year rate of growth. No matter if you offer a product or a service, the power of digital marketing can’t be underestimated. In times today, we are fully dedicated to digital media and so when […]

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