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Performance Communication – The Key to Creating Content that Inspires Action : Webinar Recording

Performance Communication  helps marketers to use data-driven strategies in creating engaging content. It assist you to find a strategic way to lead in your field or profession and directs you towards a kind of content that would help in signaling the receiver to act. This is a style of content marketing that would benefit your business in […]

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Webinar Recording: Leads Generation through Digital Channels

The hunt for potential customer-base is an ongoing process for business entities. And, due to strong web presence of different products and services, customers are turning towards leveraging digital channels to get a flavour before approaching the sales professionals. Going by this trend, it is essential for companies to get know-how of the basics of lead management […]

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Webinar Recording Of Using Content To Fuel Your Sales Funnel

Ideally, it is the content that acts as the catalyst to analyze what works best in the interest of the consumers. If the information about the product/service offered by an organization answers the didactic questions: what, how, when, where and for whom, then things are going in the right direction. Thus, indicating that content is […]

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Webinar Recording Of The Perfect Recipe For Digital PR

Continuing the legacy of inviting industry experts and influencers to throw light upon latest trends and happenings in the digital world, this time Digital Vidya had the pleasure of gaining knowledge on creating the Perfect Recipe for Digital PR from Dr. Som Singh, Founder & Chief Marketing Advisor, Unspun Consulting Group.  The webinar turned out to be […]

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Webinar Recording Of Material Design Done Right

Are your aware of Google’s new design language “Material Design” which is creating buzz all over? Robin Dhanwani, Founder & UX Designer, Parallel Labs who himself practices a lean, practical and iterative approach to designing products shared his insightful views with the webinar attendees on “Material Design Done Right”. Herein, he threw light upon what precisely is Material […]

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