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Email Marketer’s Key to a Healthy Subject Line

Email, ever since its inception, has been the subtly effective leader as a marketing tool. Amidst the plethora of communication tools available, there is nothing out there to challenge its effectiveness and its existence. Email is here to stay! Looking at it from the marketer’s perspective, it offers immense value in terms of returns on investment and […]

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The Availability of Email Marketing Jobs and Average Salary

What is the Current Market Status of Email Marketing Jobs We can just say that the year 2017 is experiencing a boom in the Email Marketing jobs salary. As per our survey, the market today has more job opportunities than ever. If you are an aspirant or a professional in this field you have probably […]

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MailChimp Vs Mad Mimi: Which Is Best For You?

This blog is about making the comparison between two tools MailChimp Vs Mad Mimi and deciding which one is best for you? According to your business requirement. MailChimp and Mad Mimi are to very popular Email Service Providers which provide Email Marketing services to its client. No matter how big or small a  business is, […]

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12 Email Marketing Uses to Get Leads

Email Marketing is one of the most effective and efficient ways of marketing of services to current and potential customers. You must be very confused as to how am I so sure about it? Do you read your emails? If you do, you already have the answers. No matter how much we want to ignore […]

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5 Reasons Why India Should Have An Anti-Spam Law

     -     Feb 20th, 2017   -     Email Marketing   -     0 Comments   -    , , , ,

All of us, in one way or the other have at some point of time encountered those annoying telemarketing calls. You are in the midst of an important client meeting and the phone rings. How does it feel? Obviously it is very irritating. This happens with our email IDs as well. You sign in to […]

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5 Ways to use CTA button for Effective Click Through Rate

     -     Feb 8th, 2017   -     Email Marketing   -     0 Comments   -    , , ,

Under marketing terms CTA (Call-To-Action) refers to the intimation that are extended from a marketers side to the visitors that prompts their immediate response or actions. The key role of an effective Call- -to-Action should be to provide the visitors with effective reasons that compel them to engage in the buying decisions. A CTA is […]

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An Interview with Shobhana Rochwani, a Business Development Executive turned Digital Marketing Specialist

Shobhana Rochwani is a Digital Marketing Specialist in a US based MNC named Prohaktiv Inc. She started her career as a Business Development Executive but then switched to email marketing. After doing my course with Digital Vidya I learned all modules of digital marketing and got an opportunity to work as an advertising specialist in […]

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5 Steps to Prevent your Mails Landing into Spam and Reaching Inbox

     -     Nov 30th, 2016   -     Email Marketing   -     1 Comment   -    , , , ,

Email Marketing As the email-marketing traffic is increasing rapidly, the spam traps are growing complex, and so the email service providers are constantly improving their filtering technology to keep the unwanted emails away from inbox. At a time when email marketing is going stronger than ever it is also getting difficult than ever and even […]

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10 Crucial KPIs For Your Email Marketing Campaign

     -     Oct 20th, 2016   -     Email Marketing   -     0 Comments   -    , , , ,

Email marketing is one Channel which can’t be missed out when taking your business online. Firstly Its cost effective than print or television marketing. Secondly More personalization can be brought into your campaigns. Third it has a direct reach than social media. Lastly if you aren’t using email marketing, someone else will. Once you Launch […]

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How Mailigen Increased Email Open Rate Via Email Marketing

About Mailigen Headquartered in Latvia, Europe Mailigen was established in 2009 and founded by Janis Rose and Arturs Bernovskis the two tech experts. They started the business when the founder of company looked at the industry and found a gap and noticed the lack of e-mail service provider. Within a few weeks, they came up […]

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