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Mailchimp: Tool For Successful Email Marketing

It is said that email is more effective way to acquire customers than social media. Email Marketing is one of the most widely used strategies for many businesses. Mailchimp offers email marketing is the most effective manner. This is a free tool and also has paid plans for advanced options. Small businesses find it challenging […]

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Email Marketing: Tactical To Practical Implementation

Email which made communication simple, not just stopped there. It actually shown us the easiest way of communication and file sharing. Email is the biggest revolution in the field of communication. With email you can send mail anywhere to the World if the receiver has a email id. This article is not about who invented […]

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6 Tools For Effective Drip In Email Marketing

Inbound marketing is creating a wave in the digital marketing space. We have to accept the fact that, outbound marketing is still working and conversion rate is at par with inbound marketing. The difference between inbound and outbound marketing is, in outbound marketing, we are buying attention by means of doing: Direct paper mail Cold calling Radio and TV […]

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Surf7 Email Extractor: Harvest Email Ids With The Best Email Spider Software

Overview: It is common knowledge that creating a specific segmented list, narrowed down to a specific set of audience can help in making an email campaign effective. But, the dilemma for typical marketers still exist that whether they will have to purchase bulk lists of email IDs from an unknown vendor (for sending out their […]

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Top 20 Email Marketing Tools

A widely know concept, Email Marketing is a form of digital marketing that makes use of electronic mails to communicate with the targeted set of audience and acts as an effective method of marketing communication. Email Marketing is a concept that revolves around making emails more effective, engaging and result oriented. Email Marketing can act […]

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