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Email Analytics: Understanding Mailchimp Reports

     -     Aug 12th, 2015   -     Email Marketing   -     2 Comments   -    , , , ,

Tracking and studying email analytics is of utmost important to understand customer behavior and send out successful campaigns that work well. The task of studying email analytics could seem daunting if it has to be done manually. In this technological era, there’s always a solution available. Creating emails, sending out successful campaigns and observing analytics […]

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About TUIfly A german based airline company which is part of TUI Travel PLC, London. The Hanover headquartered company is the third largest airline in Germany with a passenger traffic of 12.5 million a year. The website is seeing an increase in online bookings as a result of TUIfly’s  investment in optimization of digital […]

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5 Great Tips For SMEs In Email Marketing

Email marketing when compared to other traditional marketing campaigns provides a lot of benefits to your enterprise. The email marketing has many great advantages if incorporated into your marketing plan which can boost your overall sales and improve user engagement at a very low overhead cost. Reduced time and  effort to market the messages,ability to […]

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OneHope Leveraged Email Marketing To Garner 100% Increase In Sales In 6 Months

     -     Jul 7th, 2014   -     Case Studies, Email Marketing   -     0 Comments   -    , , , ,

About OneHope OneHope Wine is one of the most recognizable socially conscious brands in the United States Of America, and is the wine of choice at several hundred premier events including the Grammy Awards, The American Red Cross, BAFTA and Sundance film festival. In a period of five years, OneHope Wine has expanded into a […]

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Influitive Leveraged Email Marketing To Increase The Open Rate By 25%

About  Influitive: A leading advocate marketing expert that has helped B2B companies and marketers to build advocate communities that invite customers, partners and employees to support campaigns, refer new leads, provide positive product reviews, recommendations, testimonials etc. They have successfully helped many companies through their specifically designed advocate marketing softwares. Influitive’s Business Objectives:  Influitive wanted […]

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Virgin Limited Edition Leveraged Email Marketing To Increase CTR By 100%

About Virgin Limited Edition: A prime collection of resorts at exotic locations around the world which is a part of the Richard Branson’s Virgin Group of business. Virgin Limited Edition’s Business Objectives: The main objectives were to utilize email as a marketing channel to increase inquiries from clients for the different resort locations; and increase […]

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5 Tips Of Email Marketing To Increase Email Open Rate

     -     Apr 28th, 2014   -     Email Marketing   -     0 Comments   -    , ,

1. Make it personal and care: 98% email open rate is not at all typical. You need to make it personal and you need to think about your customers and care for people. Send your mail like your favorite person and make sure you give some kind of value and which is going to help them […]

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