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How ScoopWhoop Is Making Successful Business Through Social Media Marketing

ABOUT SCOOPWHOOP ScoopWhoop is a one stop destination to discover and share everything Indian that is happening in the internet. Also being now known as “Buzzfeed Of India”. It’s out the box posts or scoops to be precise like “18 Facebook Statuses That Will Give You A LOL Attack ” or “If You Think You’re […]

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Case Study of Successful Digital Marketing Implementation By ASA Productions

ASA Productions & Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.   ASA Productions and Enterprises Pvt. Ltd company Owned by Vikaram Bhatt is a fast growing entertainment company which was established in 2006 in Andheri, , Maharashtra. In 2009, ASA Productions and Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. launched its own music label called ASA Music and produced classical, devotional, pop, fusion […]

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