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Research Says: You Can’t Have Over 200 ‘Real’ Facebook Friends

Head back to 2003, how do people connect each other? How do they spend by seeing a post from their friends and how to they boost business by setting up a page? Where do they display their ads to promote their products? “The Facebook” invented by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004- the no.1 social networking site where folks […]

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5 Facebook Tips That Are Crucial For Quick Business Growth

Facebook, turned 10 in February 2014, exceeded the one billion-user mark in 2012 itself and is now a household name in India. Facebook started functioning as a website, but in 2014, it is mobile devices that take part in its growth. The main revenue of Facebook comes from its advertisements. Large number of companies advertise […]

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5 Social Media Marketing Tips To Leverage Facebook Business Page Optimally

What should be posted on Facebook pages to get more ‘Likes’, more sharing and more engaged from viewers? One should keep attention to the following five social media marketing tricks to leverage Facebook business page optimally. 1.  Share Quotes Quotes actually do well in terms of inspiring people, getting people through it when  shared them […]

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