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Only Facebook Videos Likely To Be Seen In 5 Years

Apparently Facebook videos must be doing extremely well and that could be the reason for Facebook to have ‘all videos’ in the next five years. At Fortune’s Most Powerful Women International Summit in London on Tuesday, Nicola Mendelsohn, VP of Facebook for operations in Africa, Middle East, and Europe, said Facebook will be probably all […]

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Facebook Witnessed 81% Growth Via Mobile Ad

Boom! It is Facebook Mobile ads First, let us  know the valuable  fact before we dive into the Mobile ad and how Facebook’s revenue! Are you aware of the first quarter of 2016 has seen 1.65 billion monthly active users on Facebook? Active users are the one who are logged into Facebook in last 30 days. […]

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Facebook Brings LiveStreaming Feature For One And All

Facebook has set of creative minded folks who keep on innovating features like Livestreaming which is supported in both iOS and android platforms to bring more users to stay connected with Facebook for so long.Facebook is one such amazing social networking platform where already 1 billion+ users existing and a number of users signing up […]

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Top 5 Things You Can Do With Your Facebook Page

Facebook Page is all about how our friends inspire us, support us, and help us to discover the world when we connect. Facebook is a social media necessity for all marketers and brands to reach out to millions of people worldwide daily. To promote their brands, sell products; buy products from suppliers, giving services, answering […]

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