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Top 5 SEO Tools For Content Professionals

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process that helps to optimize the search results, by displaying the organic results, which are further highly ranked websites. Advancement of technology has increased more number of internet users. Even a small firm is using digital media to market their products by designing a website. In order to increase business, website […]

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How To Use Meta Tags To Own 1st Page Of Google Search Results

In the fierce battle for that coveted top search rank on Google, web analysts and management teams are testing each and every tool under the sun. However, there are some simple yet effective tools which are generally overlooked. One of them is the Meta Tag. Meta tags can go a big way in improving your […]

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5 Ways To Boost Your Web Page Search Rank In Google

Have you ever wondered about the commonalities among the web pages that are positioned among the top search engine result pages by Google? Well, there are certain factors which distinguish the web pages with higher rank from the ones with lower rank. The following tips, which keep these ranking factors in mind, can help you […]

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Why The 1st Position In A Google Search Really Matter?

Is it really important to appear at the top of a Google search? A BIG Yes! Forget about the enormous difference in Google traffic between the first and second page for a Google phrase or keyword, the difference in Google traffic between the first and second search on the first Google search page is also […]

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3 Key Areas For Bringing Google Rankings On Top

It is imperative in the modern world to make your presence feel among the consumers all the time in order to survive in the fierce “Battle of brands”. With nearly 27 million users hitting the search engine worldwide every hour, it opens floodgates of opportunity to market your brand online. But what if your brand […]

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The Art of Launching Successful Google Adwords Campaigns

Advertisements play a crucial role for all kinds of marketers and across all kind of mediums whether offline or online. Right targeting & message are two pillars of success for any kind of advertisement. Google Adwords have been in existence for almost 10 years now and have helped millions of marketers around the world. Despite […]

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