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Google Spaces: A New Social App For Small Groups

Google has always been up with innovation and creating new products and this time Google has announced yet another product which is going to create a niche for itself. Google Spaces is a new app which looks like an amalgamation of Google+ communities and Hangouts along with the messaging feature. Never been shy about creating new […]

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Top 3 Formulas To Maximise Online Customer Engagement On Google+ Hangouts

There are many tools available to make the whole experience of communication better and livelier. Each tool is trying to outnumber the other in terms of features and usage. Google is considered as the pioneer in the field of innovation. It came up with a unique platform called, Google+ Hangouts which is gaining popularity. Google+ […]

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Top 3 Tips That Will Make Your Google+ Hangouts Event A Big Success

Effective Communication is the most important factor in any course of action. The better the communication, the better would be the response. Communication plays a major role in the field of marketing. If customer requirements are not addressed properly, then the whole process will be a waste of time. The communication should not only be […]

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Learn To Do Google+ Hangouts For Your Business Activities

The ultimate aim of a business house is to stay connected to its people in an efficient manner. Organizations use different tools to keep the interaction going so that everything is synchronized. Communication is considered to be the channel which connects all the individuals associated with an organization. Google being a pioneer in innovation, has […]

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