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Oriflame India’s Brand Promotion and Revenue Generation via Social Media Marketing

About Oriflame Oriflame India is known for selling high-quality skincare products, toiletries, fragrances and color cosmetics. It also gives a business opportunity to people who want to fulfill their dreams. The Tagline of the company is Look Great. Make Money. Have Fun. Oriflame’s Business Objectives Business Objective’s Oriflame India wanted to achieve through Social Media Marketing were: To […]

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Impact Of Social Media Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

We all have heard a popular phrase “Survival Of The Fittest”.This phrase has a clear message in it and is applicable to all the fields. If we relate or apply this phrase with current competitive business market it means keeping the business model flexible and adapting new technologies to stay and succeed in the market. The […]

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PR Mantra Made Impact On Social Media Platform Twitter

Can Twitter actually help business to grow or it is waste of time ? This is the question which some people have in their mind including me. So i start searching on it and after a while i plan to do some research so i created my twitter account and follow some business tycoons and […]

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Effects Of Social Media On Society And Marketing

Most organizations endeavor into social media hoping to see a major quantifiable profit. The trust is that new clients will come in thousands, and that the advantages and income era will be immense. On the other hand, this is once in a while or very rare. It requires investment to fabricate energy with social media, […]

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Impact Of Social Media On Your Business

Gone are the days when traditional marketing like giving the Ads in newspaper, magazines, Television or Radio was enough to grow your business. Previously people use to search for the service in the directory but now world has turned into an internet friendly environment. People have now become internet friendly. People are searching for the […]

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Impact Of Social Media Marketing On Online Marketing Success

Impact Of Social Media Marketing Social Media is a collective way of communicating online channels. Social Media involves social networking, microblogging, forums and wikis. All these are different types of social media websites and applications. Social Media is dedicated to community-based inputs, interactions, collaborations, and content-sharing. The impact of Social Media Marketing is so strong […]

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