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How to Convert Prospects into Leads using Drip Marketing

The name Drip Marketing has it’s root coming from drip irrigation where little amounts of water is released over time to nourish the plants. Drip marketing is similar but instead of water, we drip small units of marketing messages at the right time intervals. Drip marketing is an important function which is used by several companies to perform […]

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Content Marketing For B2B Webinar

Content Marketing For B2B: Aligning Storytelling To Lead Generation – Webinar Recording

Marketers around the world are using content marketing for B2B brands to align storytelling with their marketing objective for lead generation. As marketing communications have continued to evolve, building a well-structured content to earn audience’s attention along with the integration of visual communications have become indispensable. Your story is shaped in 100 places every second. Create content people want to […]

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Lead Generation Techniques: Top 25 Most Effective Tips

People continuously search for effective lead generation techniques but end up blindly following the trends and techniques. What will you get by the end of this blog? Importance of lead generation Most effective lead generation techniques Lead generation myths Let’s get started… Importance of Lead Generation With the technological advancements, the buying process has changed […]

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Exploring Search Engine Marketing And Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Search Engine Marketing Search Engine Marketing is a vital aspect of any comprehensive digital strategy. It is about developing your visibility and reputation based on keyword searches. The vast majority of netziens do not look past the first page of search results. The two main approaches you need to develop are in paid adverts and […]

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8 Ways to Develop your B2B Practices Online | How to Generate More Leads Digitally

The traditional way of doing business (B2B) was to cold call companies, introduce your services via connections or participate in exhibitions where traditionally buyers and sellers would meet each other. It was far more time consuming and far less effective than a well constructed digital campaign online, this is now the best method for generating […]

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An Interview with Rishi Ghai, an Industry Analyst who built career in Digital Marketing

Rishi Ghai is a marketer with 14 years’ experience across Australia, India, and the broader Asia-Pacific region. He was an industry analyst at IDC for a decade, and more recently, led global digital marketing, along with communications and analyst relations at Cyient. You may follow him on Twitter at @rishi_ghai.  How and when did you […]

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5 Tips To Derive Value For Your Business Through LinkedIn

LinkedIn is currently the most important platform a B2B company can use. While SEO or E-mail marketing efforts of a company may bring in more leads than social media efforts, it still has a better chance of generating a lead than most of the traditional sources (source: LinkedIn, in fact, is the most successful […]

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Case Study on Growing Your Business using Facebook Ads

Organic or natural ways of getting traffic and new customers on the website takes time. And even after spending a good amount of time and energy, we won’t be able to attract right kind of audiences which actually convert into customers. Therefore, people like us, who want results, end up trying paid options like Google […]

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Top 6 Ways To Raise Form Field Conversion Rate By Upto 672%

Lets learn how to optimize your efforts to make an effective lead generation form, so that you can keep a tight hold the majority of visitors to your site. Just follow these 6 steps and you may observe a 672% rise. 1) Place the form above the fold Each & everything people do on a landing page is […]

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