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Stranger to promoter

Convert Strangers Into Promoters Using Inbound Marketing

It is always a great asset for any marketers when they are successfully able to convert strangers to their promoters with time. It is the result of the effective nurturing process that the marketers have invested in customer buying cycle. Every business needs to generate the key practices that will in turn bring them to the […]

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10 Best Practices For Lead Nurturing

Leads are valuable people who have indicated interest in your content and business by giving you their information in some way or other hence Leads are very important for any Business, But they don’t grow on trees. Some marketers have trouble generating enough leads, others generate plenty of leads. Thus arises the need for Lead […]

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Webinar Recording On Quest For The Perfect B2B Lead Generation And Nurturing Cocktail

Lead generation and nurturing is one of the crucial tasks for B2B industry. Therefore, quest for perfect recipes of a cocktail of lead nurturing and lead generation in B2B marketing is very essential to leverage. Wish to understand how to achieve marketing mix for the same? Learn it through the webinar led by Anol Bhattacharya, CEO, GetIT […]

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15 Inbound Marketing Facts Every Marketer Should Know

Often confused with content marketing, inbound marketing is neither a technology nor a concept. Instead, it is a philosophy used by marketers to reach out to potential customers. Basically, inbound marketing revolves around how to ‘get found’ or ‘get spotted’ by the ideal customers. Inbound marketing is all about targeting and fetching the right set […]

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6 Basic Steps To Escalate To Higher Levels With Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing has proven to be one of the best marketing strategies in the contemporary digital world. A well thought and meticulously crafted inbound plan can do miracle for any business. The potential ROI could be very high for wise investments in inbound marketing, provided the following SIX BASIC steps are executed passionately. STEP-1: Craft A […]

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ABBYY Used Inbound Marketing Tricks To Achieve 26% Growth In Website Visitors In An Year

  About ABBYY ABBYY is an innovative and award winning software company, based in USA. It was founded by David Yang in 1989. Over the years, it has specialized in development of semantics language models and earned the status of a popular brand due to its core skills in artificial intelligence technologies. It provides software […]

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Lead Nurturing By Engaging The Prospects To Make Them More Interested

Lead Nurturing is one of the important phases in Inbound Marketing. This forms the trigger for a sale to happen. It is all about building the relationship and having an emotional bonding between the customer (PROSPECTS) and the brand. This is an on-going process built over a period of time with a series of actions […]

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