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15 Important Key Terms In Google Analytics For Beginners

Google Analytics is a powerful tool which provides actionable data that can help you to make decisions about marketing your website. However, while the data may be easy to get hold of, that doesn’t make it easy to interpret and use, especially for new comers. To help beginners here is the compiled brief glossary of […]

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Top 10 Web Analytics Books

Are you new to web analytics? Do you want to know the ABC’s of web analytics? Don’t worry, I have compiled a list of top ten web analytics books to refer, to get your car on the highway to learning web analytics. Nothing can beat sitting back with a hardcopy of a book but since […]

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Learn To Use Clicky Web Analytics Tool

Clicky is one of the web analytics tool, that helps to track everything about the web traffic to your website. It’s more over a real-time analytical tool. Clicky web analytics gives a detailed report on each segment of visitors in detail, enabling us to know what is working and where we need improvement. This tool […]

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Learn How Google Analytics Work

Google Analytics is a Freemium Web Analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic, it gives valuable insights about the customer behavior on a website.In today’s world having the right data about consumers is like having the key to the door which unlocks higher profits, better understanding about our customers.By learning how […]

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5 Key Parameters To Imporve Your A/B Tests

 “A/B tests are comparing two versions of a web page to see which version performs better.” It is comparing the existing version of a web page with the modified version. A small change in how your web page conveys can bring high conversion rate. The purpose of the test is to identify the most effective […]

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