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Long Tail Keywords: A Key To Rank Higher

Long tail keywords are better understood by professionals who deal in the SEO department of Digital Marketing. They know exactly why long tail keywords are preferred over short tail keywords and what is the impact on search results. We decided to pick this topic to write a blog with a vision to explain you better, […]

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7 Amazon SEO Tips To Attract And Convert Customers

“Customer is King” is an age-old business mantra. You have to give them the Best. Don’t you like to be treated like a King/Queen when you go to a Salon or say a Restaurant! They do too! Why do you think the 5 Star Hotels like Hilton, JW Marriott, Taj, Grand Hyatt, etc. charge such […]

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10 Tips To Getting High Desired Traffic To Your Blog

Blogging has come up as the new field of entrepreneurship, wherein more and more content-enthusiasts have considered it as the means of earning livelihood. In last few years, thousands of blogging sites have been introduced with a fair objective of earning money and popularity on the web. Though creating a blogging site or writing a […]

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4 Simple Ways of Re-optimizing Old Content to Get Traffic

Is your content performing well? If not, are you thinking to create new content to get leads? Well, it surely doesn’t work that way. A better option is to look at your already published content and see how it is performing on social media platforms and search engines. If you are not in Google’s top […]

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Learn To Easily Analyze Your Competitors Keywords

When you make posts content in any platform, it’s really cool to see a double digit or more than double digit likes or visitors, when you wake up next day. Some among you might have experienced that feeling of accomplishment, when you really measure how effective your piece content. It is beautiful to see a number […]

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Google Adwords Keyword Planner As A Tool To Understand The Market Better

The keyword planner tool by Google was developed to help people advertise their business on Google. The main idea behind this tool was to provide a research tool for businesses to get an estimate of how their ads and promotional material might perform online. A majority of Google’s revenues come from their business of selling ad […]

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