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Why Analytics Is Critical For Marketing Success

There was a time, not so long ago, when marketers assumed a ‘spray and pray’ approach to marketing.  They sprayed the marketing budget over the spectrum of media elements – television, print, radio, outdoor etc. – and prayed that their efforts would pay off.   And when it didn’t, they sprayed some more and hoped for […]

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Future of Social Video Marketing & 10 Tips to Create Best Video Content in 2016

Persistent creation of engaging content on a regular basis- is the focal point of Content Marketing. Content influences target audiences in a result-oriented manner. Over the past few years, it has moved from articles, blogs to infographics to video content and now, Video Content Marketing has become one of the most influential mediums for brands to […]

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An Interview With Tushar Bakaya – Marketing Analytics Head, AskMe

Tushar Bakaya started off pursuing the age-old Indian dream of becoming an engineer, but then somewhere down the line he realized that digital marketing was his calling. He graduated an engineer, but right afterwards opened his own startup called Creatix Web Solutions, which provided clients with digital marketing solutions. Later Tushar decided to get into […]

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Mu Sigma Witnessed 1.5% In Sales Through Customer Engagement Marketing

Mu Sigma is the one of the world’s largest analytics firms. They help companies in harnessing Big Data for making data driven decision making. Data analytics and data driven decision making are an integral part of any complex business. Mu Sigma work with many leading organisations in solving business problems related to marketing, supply chain […]

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