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Top 3 Influencer Marketing Trends 2017-What Industry Experts Expect?

Digital Marketing is constantly evolving with new marketing platforms emerging almost every day. It is a challenge for marketers to keep up with the latest trends and networks to stay ahead of their competitors. One such innovative platform of marketing that has emerged is Influencer marketing which focuses on using key leaders to drive your […]

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Latest Marketing Trends In Digital Media & Technology In Year 2016

Digital dynamics of marketing has been continuously broadening its spectrum by encompassing new horizons of technology, market, and socio-economics. With the starting of 2016, lots of deliberation and brainwork is on about the new and latest trends of Digital Media & Technology. Experts, in their webinars and talks, are telling a lot about the trends […]

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Webinar Recording On Changing Role Of Marketing: New Challenges And New Opportunities

Traditional marketing is completely overtaken by modern marketing. However, there are myriads number of challenges comes on it ways which throw light on new opportunities. Have a look on below webinar led by Sanjay Mehta, Jt CEO, Social Wavelength in order to develop a complete understanding on the same. Q&A During Webinar With Sanjay Mehta Q- Isn’t […]

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