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Google SERPs Enable Lengthy Titles and Descriptions

Google is all about constant change. There is nothing constant except the change itself. No long back, Google decided to eliminate the right side ads completely for desktop Search Engine Result Pages (Google SERPs) which was one of the most controversial change by Google. Marketers panicked while small businesses thought it was their end. There […]

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5 Webmaster Tools That Must Be Your Ally In SEO Exercise

Creating a fully optimized website takes a lot of effort and can be very stressful if not done right. The main purpose of a website is advertising, promoting your company’s products, services and other features and trying to rank higher on the search engine result pages. There are many aspects of a website that need […]

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5 SEO Tips That You Can Trust Safely For Business Growth

Though search engine optimization requires whole bunch of things to consider, here are 5 things you don’t want to miss for your business growth: MetaData The meta data of any website provides a brief overview of the contents of the page, i.e. it is a description of what goes into a page. Now there are […]

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7 SEO Secrets You Must Use To Your Advantage

SEO is a dynamic field; therefore, what works this time around, may not work the next time. Besides, SEO is at the mercy of the Search engines and their algorithms which are frequently updated. It is important to improve the SEO parameters that are in control rather than depending on the search engine to expose […]

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