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Know Why Users Switch To Mobile From Desktop Searches

Welcome to the digital world! What’s new today? – Well, It’s a time to reveal the fact, why you & me, we all are shifting towards mobile searches rather than desktop?…Let’s Step forward to uncover the mystery…. According to a survey, mobile represents 65% of digital media time, while desktop becomes just a secondary option […]

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Facebook Will Close FBX And Double Efforts For Mobile Ads

Facebook confirmed on Wednesday that they are going to shut down desktop advertising platform in order to double smartphone ads. FBX (Facebook Exchange) will not be available to advertisers from November onwards. What is Facebook Exchange (FBX)? With Facebook Exchange, you can reach visitors who have shown an interest via their online behavior so you […]

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Google Maps Add New Features To Local Search Ads

With the announcement of changes in Google AdWords, the competition for mobile advertising between Google and Facebook is going to become even tougher. The advertising role of Google is helping bridge the gap between the real and digital worlds, something local advertisers have always been looking for. According to Google reports, there are trillions of searches […]

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