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Mistakes Maggi Made Managing Online Reputation Post MSG Controversy

About Maggi When we think about noodles the first product that comes in our mind is Maggi. Famous as a 2-minute, noodles Maggi is an international brand of various products like soups, noodles, seasonings, etc. It first originated in Switzerland and in 1947 was acquired by Nestle. The company  started way back  in 1885 when Julius Maggi […]

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Nestlé Munch Created Digital Buzz With MUNCHIfication Song

This campaign of Nestlé Munch for crunchy wafer chocolate bar on digital platforms followed by television is a huge hit. The brand urges its target audience to claim their stage, to sport and embrace their flaws and their passions and be unapologetic about whom they are. The Longer version of the TV ad was posted […]

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