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Case Study On Nokia N95: Used Digital Platform To Create ITP

NOKIA: History *žStarted as a paper mill in 1865 *žNear bankruptcy after World War One-joined with rubber works and cable works *žFirst electronic device-pulse analyzer *žKept diversifying product line-eventually producing radios, TVs, and computers ž* 1992-changed strategy and focused only on telecommunications Nokia Corporation (Nokia) is a global manufacturer of mobile devices headquartered in Espoo, […]

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Nokia Used Social Media Marketing Campaign To Increase Its Reach To 9252 Unique Participants

Engaging your customers at every stage of a marketing campaign is very important for an organization. There are so many competitors waiting to snatch away the moment and gather all the attention. People would not like to continue with a particular firm, if they are not given proper attention and if their needs are not […]

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