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Pepsi India #PepTalk Celebrated Millennial Spirit During #CWC2015

Popular beverage giants Pepsi has made long lasting impact in past decade, influencing new generation and holding top stop in market with new ideas and techniques. The brand communication is to connect with the impulsive generation that believes in “living in the moment”. The brand’s millennial spirit is high decibel ‘Live it abhi’ campaign launched […]

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Panel Discussion on Local- The New Focal Point (New Frontiers Of Growth) At Mobile Internet Conference

Panelists from different avenues turned up at the Mobile Internet Conference to discuss and share their views on how locals can turn out to be the new focal point and frontiers of growth. Thus by covering the whole spectrum, the influencers will throw light upon the prospects of the new focal point. With the current base of […]

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3 Web Analytics Tips For Boosting Online Sales

Web analytics is a tool that is not  used optimally by the businesses today. It has huge potential for playing a crucial role in boosting up the online sales but the businesses either do not understand how to use it or simply tend to ignore the valuable information provided by it. Here are 3 effective […]

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10 SEO Mistakes That Hamper Business Growth

If you are running a business and trying to be visible on Google to make revenue of it despite of using SEO then you need to make an improved SEO strategy. Committing mistakes is common but learning from those mistakes will lead to success. Given below are 10 SEO mistakes that may hamper business growth: 1. […]

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5 Best Email Marketing Tips For Accelerated Business Growth

Email is the one of the best marketing channels which helps marketers to connect with the customers on a personal level.This channel if used with respect to the customer’s privacy (permission based marketing) can reap great benefits and a lifelong loyalty, but if approached in an intrusive manner can result in the marketer’s email being […]

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