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How To Manage Your Personal Brand Using Social Media

Social Media is arguably the most transformational phenomenon in recent history. It has rendered a flat, transparent and interactive world. Platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and other web-based publishing tools, have provided ready outlets for self-expression. The fact that these platforms have grown astronomically, bears testament to our rampant dependence on them. Thanks to social media, […]

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‎Case of the Week 5 (Online Reputation |Sep 14- 20 2010): Online Reputation Management

Time to tickle your brains, lets work out together on this week’s question on “Online Reputation” Case of the Week 5 – Online Reputation You are a product manager of a consumer product. While searching for your product name, you find a really nasty review (on a discussion forum) about your product as the top […]

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How to Nurture Your Online Reputation (Wall Street Journal)

Continuing on my previous article ‘Beware of the Unhappy, Web Savvy Customer’, in which I talked about the importance of managing your online reputation, I would like to leave you with few ways to manage and nurture your reputation in the digital world. I would like to start by again directing your attention to ‘listening’, […]

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Beware of the Unhappy, Web Savvy Customer (Wall Street Journal)

I once had a problem with ICICI Bank. I visited the branch three times to get it solved but nothing happened, even after three months. I tweeted about my case and the problem got solved in two days. The branch manager even visited my home to resolve the issue. Here is the tweet that got […]

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