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Social Media – Death and Resurgence

The unique yet similar case of Social Media First things first. Why are we here? We’re here because of a common interest in the digital platform and not just digital marketing. As the entire world is moving to it. I remember having a Facebook account since 2006 and none of my friends were there so […]

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The Google +1 Button and What It Means to Social Engagement

Recently Google launched its much awaited feature called +1 (Plus One) Button which is intended to integrate social with search. Google has been struggling a lot in the social space since a long time whether it be Orkut, Wave or Buzz. But it seems to be that Google has now arrived in the social space […]

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Birthday Wishes and Social Media

When I turned 33 on May 11 last year, I used the statistics on the birthday wishes I received through various platforms – from phone calls to Facebook –  to look at the advantages of digital marketing in my blog post “Can Birthday Wishes teach you the importance of Digital and Social Media?” This year, I gathered even more […]

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Can Birthday Wishes Teach You The Importance Of Digital And Social Media?

With the rapid and ongoing evolution of Social Media, people’s lives have become really digital and social. Here is an interesting example about Birthday Wishes on Social Media highlighting the importance and pervasiveness of Digital Media. This article was not planned and just generated out of the Digital Eye of Pradeep Chopra, the CEO of […]

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