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Top 5 reasons Why Inbound Marketing Is Better Than Outbound Marketing

There is no denial in the fact that outbound marketing was the game to play for any Business just half a decade ago. But in this era of technological advancement Inbound marketing is the new cool, not just to flaunt about using it in your Business. It has many reasons to take note upon especially […]

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Top 3 Benefits Of Inbound Marketing

     -     Mar 30th, 2016   -     Inbound Marketing   -     0 Comments   -    , , , ,

Today, internet has penetrated in our lives in such a way that now we are dependent on the internet for almost everything. We look up to the internet for chatting with our friends, shop for our wedding dress, and even businesses. Out of the many needs fulfilled by the internet, one of them is marketing. […]

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How To Ensure That Inbound Marketing Gets Along With Outbound Marketing?

After the use of the term Inbound Marketing, coined by Hubspot, people have instantly started adapting the latest technique of Inbound Marketing strategy. The use of traditional method of marketing also known as outbound marketing have started declining day by day. However there is a lot of confusion over the use of both forms of […]

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 About Inc. is a globally recognized cloud based computing company which has its headquarters located in San Francisco, California. Although best known for its customer relationship management (CRM) product, Salesforce has also stretched itself into the “social venture arena” through acquisitions. It is currently ranked as one of the most innovative company in […]

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Firefish Software Leveraged Inbound Marketing To Garner 190% More Leads

About The Firefish Software The Firefish Software is a very recently started recruitment software company and it is based in UK. Immediately after it was launched in 2010, the company had to face tough competition from other powerful companies. Wendy McDougall, the CEO of the company, relied heavily on traditional marketing channels to win the […]

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5 Reasons For Choosing Inbound Marketing

     -     Apr 22nd, 2014   -     Inbound Marketing   -     6 Comments   -    , , , ,

Most of the marketers today generate leads by either trade shows, seminars, mailers, cold calling, outsourcing marketing activities, advertising and telemarketing. This is outbound marketing, which is the traditional marketing and quite expensive. Well, not everyone could afford this type of marketing as it involves large sum of money. Inbound marketing is the most affordable […]

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