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Halfords Autocentre Used Search Engine Marketing To Increase Its PPC Sales By 351%

About Halfords Autocentre: Halfords Autocentre was formed in 2010. Initially, the company was selling car parts and bicycles. But in 2010 it started its new online Tyre Services venture. To increase sales through online campaigns, Halfords employed ‘ClickThrough’, the search conversion experts in Europe. ClickThrough‘s relationship with Halfords Autocentre started in 2008, when Halfords was […]

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5 Advantages Of Outsourcing Marketing To Inbound Marketing Agency

Outsourcing is appreciated as one of the most important strategic options for any business organization. The managers with pessimistic views may associate outsourcing with internal cost reduction initiatives, whereas the optimistic business leaders view outsourcing as the most productive option to leverage the knowledge management space and to accelerate company’s progress on the learning curve. […]

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Light Bulbs Etc, Inc. Leveraged Search Engine Marketing To Reduce Cost Per Conversion By 50%

About Light Bulbs Etc, Inc. Light Bulbs Etc, Inc. is a industry leader in wholesale commercial and residential lighting products in the US. They have a product range of 4000 different varieties of lights.   Light Bulbs Etc, Inc’s Business Objectives To increase online sales  along with reduced cost per conversion, to finally improve ROI ( return on Investment). Strategy […]

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5 Steps For A Master Plan In Inbound Marketing

Every business is challenging, it is hence same for the marketer while implementing strategies. It is not only achieving the desired goal, it is hence how you implement it and get results out of this. A master plan is well required, before implementing a strategy: Know the purpose It is always better to know that […]

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Does An Outsourced PPC Campaign Add Value To Your Business?

Have you ever considered outsourcing your PPC campaign management to an external agency and wondered whether it will add value to the business? Well, it may or might not. The success will depend upon the business expectations, level of collaboration with the agency and whether outsourcing this work is a right fit for the organization. […]

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