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Page Views, Time On Site & Bounce Rate Reveal Changes In Quality Score & Revenue

 About Quality Score Quality Score in Google AdWords is an indicator of the quality of your ad campaigns, ie. the quality of your advertisements, keywords and landing pages. The Quality score can be accessed by the following path: Google AdWords—–> Campaigns—–> All campaigns——> Keywords In the Keywords table, the Quality Score and its elements( Expected Clickthrough […]

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10 Handy Tips To Set Right The Google Analytics At Your Website

Google analytics can do wonders to a business if used appropriately. Businesses are more and more into using internet as their window. Internet has opened newer avenues and irrespective of the capacity of an organization, businesses are using this medium as their main source of existence. The destiny of a business house depends on how […]

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Spangler Candy Used SEO To Achieve 214% Hike In Page Views

About Spangler Candy Company : Spangler Candy Company is an Ohio based family business which manufactures candies like Lollipops, marshmallows and Candy Canes. Their most popular brands of candies include Saf-T-Pops, Dum Dums, Circus peanuts and Candy Canes. In addition to their own brands, the Spangler Candy Company is also a manufacturer, marketer and supplier of […]

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3 Web Analytics Tips To Use The Google Analytics Better

In this post, one will learn about Web Analytics and actionable points that can be taken immediately. You have to take a deep trip to your websites traffic, down falls, peak movements in short all of its history. So let’s go through 3 things on a cover and understand their meaning: 1. Page Per Visits […]

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