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Personal Branding Using Social Media: Webinar Recording

Branding is an inevitable activity for not only business entities but also for individuals who want to flourish as a brand. To ensure the essentiality of planning the basics of social footprint, learning about best practices from social media gurus and adding social media personal branding as a habitual activity, Karthik Srinivasan, National Lead, Social, Ogilvy & […]

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How To Manage Your Personal Brand Using Social Media

Social Media is arguably the most transformational phenomenon in recent history. It has rendered a flat, transparent and interactive world. Platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and other web-based publishing tools, have provided ready outlets for self-expression. The fact that these platforms have grown astronomically, bears testament to our rampant dependence on them. Thanks to social media, […]

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Personal Branding: 16 Easy Tips to Build Yourself as a Brand

     -     Aug 23rd, 2016   -     Digital Marketing   -     2 Comments   -    , , ,

Personal branding could be hard for people and why not? You have to think about yourself as an object and that too as an asset. If you are a brand, it communicates your value not only to the potential employers but to everyone. It is crucial today for establishing yourself as a leader, career advancement, […]

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Facebook Brings LiveStreaming Feature For One And All

Facebook has set of creative minded folks who keep on innovating features like Livestreaming which is supported in both iOS and android platforms to bring more users to stay connected with Facebook for so long.Facebook is one such amazing social networking platform where already 1 billion+ users existing and a number of users signing up […]

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Personal Branding: Relevance For A Blogger

     -     Jul 7th, 2015   -     Content Marketing, Digital Marketing   -     6 Comments   -    , ,

For a blogger, their personality drives business. When I deep dived into making 30ish a strong brand my only focus was to build a tribe. You speak their language and believe in their choices. In this highly volatile market followers will stick with you, if they value your aspirational presence in their life. Empathise and […]

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Interview With Ajay Jain, Author, Super Brand You On Personal Branding

Ajay Jain is a full time writer, journalist, photographer and entrepreneur based in New Delhi, India. He love to experiment with new ideas and skills. He is a regular on the speaking circuit, and address audiences at various conferences and corporate events. He also conduct workshops on Mindful Travel, Social Media Marketing and PR, and […]

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Webinar Recording On Super Brand You: Why Personal Branding Matters

Wish to learn how to build your Personal Brand? Get a complete understanding on the same through below Webinar led by Mr. Ajay Jain, Author at Super Brand You. Mr. Ajay Jain, Author at Super Brand You was invited by Digital Vidya to lead a one hour session for their audience. Some of the key aspects […]

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A Brand Offers More Than A Product

What does a Brand offer? Pride and social status to the customers. Reliability, emotional security and continuing satisfaction. A feeling of self-confidence and self-esteem to the customers. A kind of authority and power to each customer. Authority, while a customer talk about his brand possession and power to dominate others in any social forum, with […]

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4 Reasons To Add Video In Search Engine Marketing

You want to make sure you are visible to the people who are making decisions about you. When you build your brand on the internet means that you want your website to rank number one in the search pages. Your ranking on the first page will create high visibility to your target visitors. Getting visible to you […]

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How Social Media can Affect Personal Branding of Companies

Here we are presenting a Guest Post on Personal Branding aspect for Brands Personal branding apart from an individual’s branding can also be how companies give their brand a personality. Social media tools, such as Facebook and Twitter, establish a relationship between consumer and company by enabling companies to communicate directly with consumers. This kind […]

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