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7 Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing Tips For Beginners

Introduction: What is pay per click (PPC) marketing? Pay per click marketing is a way of using search engine advertising to generate clicks to website, rather than getting clicks organically. In an internet advertising Pay Per Click (PPC) is also called cost per click (CPC) in which advertisers pay website owners or search engines whenever […]

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3 Facebook PPC Tips To Target Right Audience

Social channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are here to stay – and they all have PPC ad platforms. More and more advertisers are including social PPC in their search marketing mix. The power of social PPC is its targeting abilities. Accurate targeting is a great feature of social PPC, so it’s crucial to get […]

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3 Simple PPC Tips For Your Modern Day Business

PPC or Pay Per Click is a marketing type that has some rules just like the other marketing types. What is the reason that some ads get many clicks while others do not get any or a very less number that does not have a good effect on the business growth. The following are a […]

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20 Highly Useful But Simple To Follow PPC Tips For A Successful Search Engine Marketing Campaign

For any PPC campaign to be successful, there are 20 basic tips to be kept in mind, to increase ROI and at the same time keep costs under check. Know your Client: Do a deep study of your client for whom the PPC campaign is being developed. Know the company’s customers, competitors, suppliers and partners. […]

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