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Integrating CRM Through Radian6 Tool

Organizations now wholeheartedly recognize that discussion about items and brands are going on the Web. Client conversations about firms (positive and negative) are springing up in online journal discussions the same amount as they rise in telephone calls to a contact focus. Firms know they can’t move in the opposite direction of this vital correspondence […]

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Learn To Manage Twitter Accounts Through Radian6

Twitter accounts that are specially managed by super users through the engagement council. What kind of Managment? Well it could involve sharing accounts with team members or project members internally and applying workflow options to tweets. This workflow capability only existed with Radion6 topic tax and my tasks tax in the past. Now with twitter […]

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Social Media is Not FREE!

Usually many social media agencies have trouble convincing their clients on a very basic point that social media is not free. Yes, it is true. Social media is not free and i’ll explain why. Clients usually have an opinion that social media is a totally free domain which doesn’t require much marketing budget. Hire few […]

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Social Media ROI: The Right Approach & Ways to Track It

In any kind of business, ROI (Return On Investment) is a must. And it is a common sense that whatever you invest in your business, you must get better return for it. And social media is no different. Social media marketers have found it tough to measure the ROI in the traditional sense (X-Y/Y, where […]

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