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Companies Can Learn 4 Lessons From Media Campaigns

Campaign means the art of creating buzz or awareness. Campaigns main theme is engaging with customer at every stage of marketing, this is very important for an organization or business entity. There are many competitors waiting to defeat and snatch away the success and moment, to change the attention or focus. People will not love […]

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5 Companies Whose Sales Increased Dramatically Through Facebook

Smoke’s Poutinerie As we already know, social media can drive sales. But Toronto entrepreneur Ryan Smolkin didn’t need a study to tell him that. He is living proof of the power of social media, not just to build brands – but to actually grow revenue. Smolkin is the founder of Smoke’s Poutinerie, a growing chain of restaurants […]

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Red Bull Leveraged Social Media Marketing Tools For Brand Building

Red Bull, a very well known energy drink in the world, as per the market share reports, it has been considered as the highest selling energy drink in the world with 5.387 billion cans sold in 2013. Red Bull has an amazing inside story hidden behind it’s logo. Red Bull’s universe is extreme sports and adrenaline-junky […]

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