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Retarget Facebook Live Video

7 Simple Steps to Retarget Facebook Live Video

Facebook Live video marketing is one of the hottest trends in the industry right now. And is quickly becoming a tool that gives brands a high level of reach and engagement. This is a feature within Facebook that allows you to post live videos to your personal or brand page. It overtook YouTube as the […]

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Success Story Of Cool Winks Using Facebook For Retargeting

About Cool Winks Cool Winks used  Facebook for remarketing, so as to survive in this fast changing world.      If  a business wants to survive than it  has to change according to the changing world. It has to keep on innovating various  ways to survive in the long run.This same  technique was used by Cool […]

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All You Need To Know About Retargeting Campaigns

What do you mean by Retargeting? Retargeting, also called as remarketing. Retargeting  a form of online advertising that can help you to  keep your brand in front of the left audience. Mostly websites have  2% of web traffic converts on the initial visit. Its  a mechanism designed to benefit companies reach the 98% of users […]

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10 Top Retargeting Tips For AdWords Users

Retargeting or remarketing is a strategy which allows advertisers and marketers to personalize all ad impressions they serve, to advertisers by showing products or content recently seen or otherwise of relevance to the user. Through web analytics marketers can know which customer has viewed what or if they have abandoned a cart, and then the […]

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Google Tag Manager Helped Jive In Investing Its Time On Other Areas And Departments

Organizations are always on the lookout for better and improved tools and methods. Businesses are getting more and more complicated these days. Organizations are using newer technologies or methodologies to make an impactful presence in the internet arena. This is the case study of a business-to-business model organization named Jive and how they used Google […]

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10 Must Know Retargeting Facts

Retargeting is a crucial way to fetch back the interested user or customer that can bring back the traffic and business to your website. It is the latest buzzword that has created a stir in the digital marketing avenue today. Interestingly, some of the major brands spread across different parts of the world have invested […]

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Why Digital Marketing Will Bloom In Recession

Digital Marketing has a very strong impact on almost every individual without considering the fact that to which industry or domain does he/she belongs to.  If we talk about the 4 phases of a product or any business’s life then it passes through several stages, one of them being recession i.e. when there is no […]

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Noxedge Used Search Engine Marketing To Gain 140% Increase In Display Conversions

About Nox Edge : Nox Edge, a manufacturer of workout supplements, was the first to come out with a pre workout dietary supplement, in a chewable form. These supplements help in increasing stamina and improve endurance. They also helped in muscle recovery and boosting nitric oxide levels in the body. Business Objectives Of Nox Edge: Nox Edge was […]

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