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13 Ways To Make Your Twitter Timeline Better

According to Top Charts, Twitter has 200 million plus registered users and there are 155 million tweets every day on an average, and there are approx 4,60,000 people who join Twitter daily. Now, that’s a huge number, very huge! Twitter has become a great platform for most of the marketers. More than 42% of Twitter’s […]

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Learn To Auto Retweet With TweetDeck

About Twitter: Twitter is all about tweets and microblogging. Users convey their messages in the form of Tweets.  There are about 236 million monthly active users of Twitter across the globe. Twitter is a place where it provides an opportunity to spread any particular post on a random basis from one profile to another. It’s a […]

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LG Electronics Reached 5000 Tweets Per Hour By Leveraging Twitter

About LG Electronics LG Electronics is a very well known consumer electronics goods brand and is a Korean company headquartered in Yeouido-dong, Seoul. It is sister company of the LG group and employs 82,000 people, who are working across in approximately 100 countries spread across the world. As per their revenue figures in 2013, they […]

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Uber Had A Bad Day In Australia As Well

In just a blink of an eye, any news goes viral through social media networks. One such renowned social media network wherein the reactions from people can be obtained just-in-time is Twitter. Tweets and retweets enable to grab the attention and spread any news or a piece of information like a wildfire.  A fresh instance […]

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Under The Dome Used Social Media Marketing To Reach 5.7 Million People

About Under The Dome Under the Dome is a TV series originated in the USA and was premiered on June 24, 2013. It was based on a novel by Stephen King and was conceptualized and developed by developed by Brian K Vaughan. The series have been reproduced with 13-episode second season and was premiered on […]

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Top 4 Must Follow Social Media Marketing Tips To Outshine Your Competitors Online

Don’t take social media (SM) very lightly. Don’t get influenced by the comments made by some of the political leaders about SM. What is threat to them may be the opportunities to you. Unlike politics, SM accepts and respects both—the democracy and meritocracy. It has emerged as the most powerful ‘opinion’ platform, which either brings […]

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